Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts provide answers to the most frequently asked questions of our Customers. If you don't find the answer to your problem here please open a support request.

Yes, the software requires access to the Internet in order to check the license.

We think that this is not a big limitation for a server that runs FTP services. 

The best option is to use the same account that runs the FileZilla® Server service. 

The reason is that QuotaZilla needs to have the correct permissions on the folders shared by FileZilla® Server, so needs to impersonate the same user. 

You can set the user running the QuotaZilla server under the "Services" options of Windows. 

The QuotaZilla license is a nonperpetual license to run the software and at the same time receive support and updates. 

Consider the cost of the license as a cost for a service. 

When the license will expires, the software will stop working, also you will not receive any updates or support. To restore the program's functionality, receive again support and updates, you can renew your license at any times for a discounted price. 


The software requirements of QuotaZilla are:

  • Microsoft Windows 10|2016|8|2012|7|2008|Vista|2003 - Service Pack 2
  • CPU 800 MHz processor or higher
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Hard disk space required: 20MB of free space
  • TCP/IP network protocol installed
  • Internet communication capabilities


QuotaZilla has been thought to run on the same machine running FileZilla® Server. 

The reasons are:

  • QuotaZilla needs to read the FileZilla® Server configuration;
  • QuotaZilla needs to inform FileZilla® Server about the account changes due do the actions performe


QuotaZilla is a project developed by NT2 - Nuove Tecnologie S.r.l. and it is not associated with the FileZilla® project, which is a trademark of Tim Kosse

QuotaZilla interacts with FileZilla® Server from the technical point of view, but the two projects belong to two different entities that are not associated. 

QuotaZilla reads the configuration file of FileZilla® Server, which consist of a XML file stored in the FileZilla® Server installation directory. 

When QuotaZilla performs an action (for example disables an account), QuotaZilla also writes the FileZilla® Server configuration file, then notifies to FileZilla® Server that the configuration file has changed and needs to be reloaded. This second part is performed only if the Administrator of the FTP site explicitly enables this options on specific accounts or groups. 

In order to properly use the software, the server must support TLS 1.2. 

Please refer to the official documentation to enable TLS 1.2 as client on your server.