General form

Shows a quick overview of your QuotaZilla instance

The General form shows a quick overview the status of the QuotaZilla instance. In the details it shows:

  • Number of users: The number of accounts configured in FileZilla┬« Server;
  • Number of groups: The number of user groups configured in FileZilla┬« Server;
  • Number of warnings: The number of cases where it was not possible to determine a folder quota;
  • Number of accounts over quota: The number of quota overruns detected by QuotaZilla;
  • Current application version: The version of QuotaZilla running on your computer;
  • License status: Can be one of the following:
    • OK: The trial or purchased license is valid and running;
    • Expired: The trial period has expired or the purchased license has expired;
  • Update status: Shows if a new version is available.
General form