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Let you configure the general options of QuotaZilla

Here you can find the general program options that will configure QuotaZilla. It is suggested that you validate them at the first execution of QuotaZilla.

The options are:

  • FileZilla® Server config file: It shows and let set the path of the FileZilla® Server XML configuration file. This should be by default under c:\program files (x86)\, in case it is not you can specify its location;
  • Send notification to the admin: If enabled QuotaZilla will send an email notification once a quota overrun has been detected. The email will be sent to the "Admin email address";
  • "Sender email" and "Name": determines the sender's data when QuotaZilla will send the email notifications;
  • "SMTP Server address" and "Port": sets the SMTP coordinates used to send the notifications;
  • "SMTP server account" and "Password": sets the account used when authenticating on the SMTP server in order to send the notifications;
  • "Log operations" and "Log folder": Enables/disables the logging of the operations and let you specify the folder where the log files will be stored;
  • Run Service as: It shows the current Windows Account used to run the "QuotaZilla Service". Next to it you can find the buttons to stop/start/restart the service and a link that will bring you to the "Windows Service" management console. 


About the Window Service "QuotaZilla service", it is very important that this service runs using the same account of the FileZilla® Server service because QuotaZilla needs to access all the directories serviced by FileZilla® Server, so the best options is that QuotaZilla impersonates the same user. 

As default the service QuotaZilla Service will run using the "LocalSystem" account, which is the same default user that FileZilla® Server impersonates, but you can change it according to your FileZilla® Server configuration. 

Options form