Reports form

Shows the quota reports calculated by QuotaZilla

Shows the quota calculated by QuotaZilla. You can:

  • Double click on a single row and you will see the details of each account;
  • Right click on a single row to execute specific commands on the single row;


In the list you can distinguish the account type by its icon as follows:

  • Users: Users
  • Groups: Groups

If QuotaZilla was not able to scan all the folders for a specified account, it will report a Warning. A warning can be easily identified on the Report list because the icon has a yellow background, for exmple:

  • User with warning: User with warning
  • Group with warning: 

In the end you can identify which accounts are over quota because the foreground color of the icon is red. For example:

  • User over quota: User over quota
  • Group over quota: User over quota

All the above icons, background and foreground color can be mixed in order to easily identify, for example a User with warning and over quota (User with warning and over quota).


Reports form